Enviromental policies

Health, Safety & enviromental policies

Standard Hidraulica believes that good safety, health and environmental management is critical to the success of our business.

It is Standard Hidraulica's policy to do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure a safe and healthy place of work, and to meet all legal requirements.

Concern for the environment Standard Hidraulica's objective is to achieve the manufacture and distribution of products to customers in a manner that is both responsible to the environment and in accordance with the appropriate legislation and codes of practice.

Our commitment with the planet

At Standard Hidraulica we take social responsibility seriously and we work as a team to enhance the extent of our abilities and to help integrate people at risk of social exclusion.

It takes everyone's effort to live in harmony in our society.
In STH, we make an effort to achieve this and therefore contribute actively and voluntarily to social improvement.
Our goal is to obtain a more humane, equal and fair world through partnerships and donations for different groups and foundations.




For us, environment is important. At STH we try to generate the least waste possible and to rationalize the use of energetic resources.

For this reason we have developed the manual of Good Environmental Practices (pdf) for administrative and production jobs. It makes emphasize in that every worker has to make a responsible use of paper, water, energy and other resources, according to their needs.