Sales Conditions

General conditions of sale

1. General

Sales done by STH GROUP (Standard Hidraulica, S.A.U., Hidrostandard del Mediterráneo, S.A.U. and Comap Ibérica), will be regulated by these sales conditions, except for those which are agreed on the offer or order confirmation.

2. Prices

All prices in the catalogue are in Euros, and these are exclusive of VAT which will, if applicable, be added to the invoice at the current rate. STH Group consider acceptable a minimum order of 200euros, except for Clever that there is no minimum order. The Order amount for having the transport paid, it will be depending on the country and the customer. When we talk about the samples these will be always invoiced and afterwards when we get the Project, we will issue the credit note.

3.Delivery of the goods

Orders with no specific delivery time, will be dispatched as soon as possible. The delivery dates appearing on the order confirmation are only estimates, advanced deliveries and partial dispatches will be authorized if there is no written agreement that forbids them. Any incapacity to effect or supplies an order for reasons such as: strike, breakdown of the negotiations, close the business and all their consequences will be considered a majeure force and release STH Group from his obligation to supply the goods and the customer may not make any claim for damages. In the case of postponing the payment of the outstanding invoices, as well as unsettle them and exceed the limit of the assured credit, the outstanding orders will be kept in our warehouse until the incident is solved. STH Group will be the owner of the goods until the invoice is settled in full.


All the commercial deals are insured by an Insurance Company. STH Group reserves the right to invoice the customer by any company from the Group depending the Insurance amount the client has. The company’s details will be informed in the delivery note, without any possible change once we send it. STH Group works with electronic invoicing.

5.Payment conditions

Maximum payment terms will never exceed the factors fixed in the law 15/2010. To unpaid an invoice on its due date it will force to stop the deliveries of other shipments. The payment conditions in the invoice will be considered as unconditional: every change must be agreed in advanced The Company reserves the right to charge interest at a rate up to 3% monthly, and the non-payment will be charged up to 5%, with a minimum amount of 15 €, and 3% will be added each month from the second month of the delay. It does not matter the payment subject, once STH Group receives the payment always it will be deduced first the penalties. If the payment is not insured, STH Group will agree with the client the payment terms.

6.Returned goods and dispatch

All the devolutions must be analysed and accepted by STH Group, previously being informed by the customer about the inconveniences and the invoice number. The returns caused due to delivery mistakes, like identity errors or/and quantity discrepancies, should be managed the following 15 days after its delivery. The goods which have been returned for different reasons that the ones mentioned before, will be charged with a demerit (from the 15% until the 50%), and the transport costs will be paid by the customer. The products which are discontinued and are out of guarantee will not be accepted.

7.Claims, warranty and compensation

Any fault or anomaly, including a shortfall in the assured quality of the product, must be reported in writing within the following 24hours after its reception unless the problem cannot be seen easily. The guarantee that will be applied to the products of the STH Group will be 3 years and 5 years for the mixers, except for: - Thermostatic cartridges, delay actions and electronic mechanisms will have 3 years guarantee. - Accessories will also have 3 years guarantee (hose bibs, hand showers, rain showers, holders, sliding bars…) To all effects, the guarantee will start from the invoice date on. It will be excluded from the guarantee all the products damaged on their installation, maintenance and cleaning which is not done according the rules and its unappropriated use. The guarantee covers to replace or repair the goods, if these are discontinued will be substitute them for similar ones. We reserve the right to modify any product design without informing previously.

8. Civil Liability

Outside the application of the product liability’s laws, the Company will only be responsible for damage, if according to legal resolutions, serious blame is proved. The Company will not reply and there will be no claim for damages in the case of non-fulfilment of assembly conditions, come into operation and use (such as in the instructions of use) or in the established administrative conditions. The limitations of responsibility will be applied in full on successive purchasers and must be adopted by all future ones. Once the customer knows the damage caused by one faulty product, he must inform immediately STH Group in a writing way and add all the necessary information to show causes and possible responsibilities for STH Group defence. The maximum limit of liability which will be paid by STH Group derived from a faulty product will be 2.000€

9. Consignee damages

In the case that STH Group products cause damages on an installation (especially when it is officially demanded by the customer), it should be informed urgently in a written way to STH Group, and send the verification, the estimation of damages and its causes.

10. Jurisdiction and applicable Law

With respect to all lawsuits that might arise within the framework between the Company and the customer contractual relationship, the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona will hold all competence. Likewise, it is agreed that the applicable Law will be Spanish Law.

11. Validity.

These Sales Conditions cancel the previous ones and they will be valid till any modification is published in our website

12. Special conditions for productes OUTLET

  • For combined orders (STH and Clever) bigger than 5000€ we will add an extra 5%.
  • We cannot deduct any extra discount for volume, campaigns, additional discounts, either rebate or atypical. Photos not contractual.
  • Returns with invoice and original packaging within 14 days after its delivery, without prejudice to the guarantee's law.
  • Special sale subject to stock availability.

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