Sales Conditions

General conditions of sale


The following sales conditions pertain to all sales performed by STH GROUP (Standard Hidraulica, S.A.U. and Hidrogas Canalizaciones, S.A.U.), except for any special conditions on specific offers or order confirmations.


Prices in the catalogue are in Euros, and these are exclusive of VAT which, when applicable, will be added to the invoice at the current rate.

For Spain and Portugal, there is a minimum order requirement of 350€, except for Clever products, for which there is no minimum order requirement. Those orders with a minimum amount of 200€ (Clever) and 450€ (rest of the catalogues), include transport. Any order below these amounts, will be charged an extra 9€ for transport costs, or will be invoiced EXW. These conditions do not apply to The Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Azores, and Madeira, as all these are subject to different conditions.

For all other countries, minimum order requirements and transport conditions will fall under specific conditions agreed between STH and the respective customers.

Please note that STH Group reserves the right to modify existing rates whenever this becomes necessary, without prior notification.

The applicable prices will be those in force at the time the order is placed.

Any requested sample will be invoiced and upon confirmation of the project in question, a credit note will be issued.

3.Delivery of the goods

Orders with no specific delivery time, will be dispatched at the first available opportunity.

Kindly note that any delivery dates appearing on the order confirmation are only estimates, moreover advanced deliveries and partial dispatches will be authorized, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary, between both parties.

Any inability to process or deliver an order, for reasons that include, but are not limited to industrial action, breakdown of the negotiations, business closure and any related consequences, will be considered a force majeure and will automatically release STH Group from any obligation to supply the goods on order. Furthermore, the customer may not claim for any incurred damages.

In the case of postponing payment of any outstanding invoices or failing to settle them and/or exceeding the assured credit limit, any outstanding orders will be kept in our warehouse until the incident is solved. Moreover, STH Group will become the owner of the goods until the pertinent invoice is settled in full.


All the commercial deals are insured by an Insurance Company.

STH Group reserves the right to invoice the customer through any company from within the Group, depending on the insurance amount that the client has. The company’s details will appear on the delivery note, without the possibility of changing it, once the document is sent.

5.Payment conditions

All invoices must be settled within 30days from invoice date.

Any remaining balances after the due date will automatically block the delivery of other shipments.

All payment conditions on the invoice must be strictly adhered to and any changes must be agreed in advance.

The Company reserves the right to charge interest at a rate up to 3% monthly, and the non-payment will be charged up to 5%, with a minimum amount of 15 €, and a further 3% will be added each month, following the second month of the delay.

Any incurred penalties will first be deducted from late payments, BEFORE the invoice is credited.

If the payment is not insured, payment terms will be agreed between STH Group and the client.

6.Returned goods and dispatch

All claims must first be analyzed and accepted by STH Group, previously the customer should inform about the reasons why he/she wants to return it and justifying when it was bought with the invoice.

Returns resulting from delivery mistakes like product identity errors and/or quantity discrepancies (excluding defective goods), should be affected not later than 15 days from delivery.

Any discontinued items or items outside their warranty period will not be accepted.

Goods which have been returned for different reasons other than the ones mentioned above, will incur an extra charge (between 15% and 60%), depending on when it was bought and the condition of the product itself. Transport costs are to be paid by the customer.

Please note that any products which are either discontinued or outside the guarantee period, will not be accepted.

7.Claims, warranty, and compensation

Any fault or anomaly, including a shortfall in the assured quality of the product, must be reported in writing within 24hours from receipt of the goods, unless the problem is not immediately visible. Once this problem is detected, you must notify it together with the delivery note stamped by the forwarder. After the 24hourse the claims will be rejected.

The guarantee that will be applied STH Group products will be 5 years for the mixers and 3 years for the rest of the products, except for those that the catalogue gives a superior one.

To validate a warranty the customer must send the invoice, which clearly shows the purchase date. This is subject that the defect will be accepted by our technical department.

Guarantee periods will start from the invoice date. Any damages resulting from improper installation and/or improper maintenance, as well as bad cleaning practices and/or inappropriate use of the product will not be covered by the guarantee.

The guarantee covers replacement or repair of the claimed goods. If these are discontinued, they will be substituted by similar products.

We reserve the right to modify any product design and functionality without prior notice.

8. Civil Liability

STH GROUP will only be responsible for the claims related to internal product defects.

The company will not be responsible for visible damages which could have already been detected, or any issue caused by a wrong installation or manipulation, resulting from not following the installation guide properly.

The limitations of responsibility will be applied in full on successive purchasers and must be adopted by all future ones.

For any claims STH Group must be informed immediately and in writing, making sure that all the necessary information to show the cause and possible responsibility of the STH Group are included.

The maximum limit of liability which will be paid by STH Group, derived from a faulty product, will be 2.000€

9. Consignee damages

In the case of a claim that STH Group products may have caused some form of damage on an installation (especially when it is officially demanded by the customer), the Company should be informed immediately by writing, making sure to include an estimate of the cost of damages and their cause.

STH will never answer any claim, before carefully checking all the damages and possible causes.

10. Jurisdiction and applicable Law

Any potential lawsuits that may arise between the Company and the customer, will be heard in the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona. Likewise, it is agreed that the applicable Law will be Spanish Law.

11. Validity

These Sales Conditions cancel all the previous ones, and they will be valid until any modification is published on our website

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